Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spinning Support

I stand, holding a somewhat ridiculous looking pole with a ball-like structure on its end. And over and over, my son wallops the ball-like structure, often sending me spinning until it is time for the next hit. It is almost worthy of a video, but I'm sure it is not nearly as funny on a little screen as it is in my head. Either way, for a split second in time, I am able to contribute to something one of my kids likes to do.

We spend years hoping that our children will find a passion, that they will discover activities that they love (and that we can manage and afford). And then, when they do, we are faced with supporting them in those endeavors--attending performances and games, attempting to keep up in conversations about topics far beyond our own knowledge, and sometimes, even helping with practice. It can be dizzying. And in this case, it literally was, as the force of the bat against the practice pole sent me spinning more than once. But how many of us are where we are now because someone hung in with us? How many of us were able to pursue our passions because someone--or a series of someones--supported us financially or emotionally to get us where we wanted to go? It isn't always easy to hold that "practice pole." But sometimes, it is the putting ourselves out there, the allowing ourselves to be spun around a little, that lets us really understand. Sometimes, it is the allowing ourselves to be immersed, even just for a moment, that enables our kids to step closer to their goals.

So, as I whirl around, spun by a bat swing that gets stronger and stronger, I am glad to be a part, holding steady the pole that helps support a child's dream.

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