Monday, April 11, 2016

Getting In, Part 10: Separation

In among the tremendous amount of work on my child's part, there has been a lot of proofreading, travel accompanying, and general hand-holding on my part. But every so often, because of scheduling and a busy life and circumstances just being what they are, there are parts that she has had to do on her own. They are big steps for her--practice, as it were, for the end goal in all of this--and even bigger steps for me, as I get my head, and my heart, around the fact that she will soon enter that big world.

When we started this whole process, it felt not so different (even if bigger) than the school processes we had managed before. We have applied to preschool and kindergarten, middle school and high school, and we have handled both the stress of applying and the outcomes of application decisions. But at the end of the process, the child has still been a presence. In a different school, but still here.

When we finish this process, hopefully with positive results, the child who started it will be more than a child. When we finish this process, hopefully with everyone happy, the kid who sat next to us filling out forms and figuring out essay topics will be beginning life in a new place, still our child, but an independent being. So, perhaps it is appropriate that at points along the way, she is going it alone, and that I am going it at home without her. Perhaps it is one of the most important steps for both of us. Because in the end, it's not just about getting in. It's about being independent--and happy--once you're there.

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