Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Count The Change

It's hard to ignore--many things are drawing to a close. There's the school year--once so filled with newness and drama, now just one of those circumstances that begins to feel as if it was never otherwise. Afterschool activities taper, and coats are closeted, even on the "not so warm" days. And though we have gone through these changes over and over, I still cry just a little--for the time that has flown, and the experiences that are over. For the changes we have made and the people we have lost. In the moment, I can pretend that I adapt seamlessly. In my imagination, I can believe that every new change is (or will be) a good one. But some days, change is just change, and the rate of change is just too fast. Some days, it's not enough to believe or pretend or imagine. Some days, it's about lifting the weight of change so it doesn't crush your spirit.

Things are changing, as they always do. Will we just watch, or just react, or just manage? Or will we lift the weight, and ourselves, to see past today? Things are changing, as they always do. Will we run away, or run toward, or just run as fast as we can?

We can learn to embrace change. We simply have to keep our arms open and our strength up. Because sometimes change is a little--no, more than a little--hard to handle.

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