Sunday, May 8, 2016

Finding The Words Of Wisdom

Some days, words of wisdom are hard to come by. We get so caught up in getting there and being on time and doing what needs to be done that there is no wisdom involved. But every so often, even on the busy days, when we're not sure anything beyond the necessary can be accomplished, a few pearls--from strangers, and friends, and musicals, make their way through...

1. "He ain't heavy..."--When each family member manages to help the others in little ways that make a big difference.

2. "Watch the gap."--When we are reminded by strangers to keep an eye out for our own safety.

3. "I know it's today."--When we try to keep believing that what we want will happen, maybe even today.

4. "And I know things now..."--When we suddenly realize all the things we have learned without even trying.

5. "Nobody but me is gonna change my story..."--When we discover that sometimes it's not enough to hope for change--we have to make it ourselves.

8. "Keep showing up."--When people who have been at it a lot longer than we have remind us that we can't get anywhere unless we keep at it.

There is wisdom to be found on even the most mundane of days. As long as we're listening...

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