Friday, May 27, 2016

What Happens In The Rehearsal Hall...

Once upon a time, I would walk into the rehearsal hall, thinking a day would be a certain way, only to find that a simple, finish-on-time kind of day had been up-ended by an actor hating the script, or that a carefully constructed, make-a-masterpiece day had been chopped in half because some key component was no longer available for the day. Quite simply, things were not always what you planned for them to be.

I am a long way from a rehearsal hall these days, but the concept of days changing without warning is just as close. Work may be determined by who is sick or what is happening in the world. My hours on a non-work day may fall together completely differently than I imagined, because of a mood, or a late-breaking email, or simply the need for a nap. While we like to believe we can control our days, the truth is, in soaps and in life, there are countless factors beyond our control. The day we finish may look nothing like the day we started. The results of our efforts may look nothing like the goals we set before we began our endeavor.

My soap days were often as unpredictable as could possibly be imagined, given how carefully they were planned and pre-produced, and yet, at the end of the day, we always managed to generate many, many minutes of content. So, if now, days aren't always what I imagined, they can still be worthwhile, whether measured in time spent, or salary earned, or simply discoveries made or moments enjoyed. Because you never really know what you're facing when you walk into that rehearsal hall. So you might as well be ready to rewrite the schedule.

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