Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Emmy From A Distance

I was thrilled to see my feed fill up with Emmy announcements. Though I often feel farther and farther away from my daytime roots, Emmy time reminds me of those roots, and of the fact that what may be gone for me is not gone altogether. This year, there were winners who had never won before (both those who have been deserving for years and those who are new-ish to Emmy-worthy roles). There were photos full of co-workers with whom I used to spend every day of my life. There were lists of winners that included colleagues with whom I cross paths from time to time. For me, Emmy time each year is not just a time of melancholy for all that is over, but a time of celebration of how I started on the path to where I am now. It is a time of celebration of the people who shaped me. Am I sad when I see others dressing up and holding the statues that I won't necessarily win anymore? A little. But mostly, I am happy for what continues, and for the people who continue along with it. These days, I view the Emmys from a distance. But not too far away to smile and wave to, and cheer for, those who are still close by.

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