Thursday, May 19, 2016

Out Of The Park

The baseball field is cold, an eager challenge to our "Isn't it spring yet?" clothes. Yet, we sit, backsides practically attached to the bleachers, for the opportunity to watch our aspiring athlete hit one out of the park. 

Out of the park hasn't happened yet. But we believe. And more important, our aspiring athlete believes. It matters to him that he is doing the work to get better. It matters to him that he shows up and comes out swinging. It matters to him that people notice and teach and recognize. And that he gets to be in the place where out of the park just might happen.

It is often when we see our kids discover what they enjoy (even from a hard bench on a cold day) that we are reminded what is possible for ourselves. When we are not sitting on that bench, are we too doing what we love and what matters to us, or are we simply doing what we have to in order to get by? When we are on the field of our own choosing, do we have people who are teaching us, recognizing us, believing that we can accomplish, as long as we work hard?

It is fantastic as a parent to see our kids immersing themselves in activities that excite them. But when we can take that parental view, and turn it into the view that motivates us as people on our very own search for immersion--that is when we too have a shot at hitting it out of the park.

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