Saturday, May 28, 2016

Open For Business

There are days when it seems all about survival, of one kind or another--making the deadlines, sleeping enough to stay awake when needed, showing up on time, having enough to pay the bills. But once in a while, a day comes along when we allow ourselves to see beyond the survival--when we take a few minutes, or a few hours, to explore something new, when we grant ourselves the dollars or the calories for a treat, when we start a conversation instead of remaining silent. Suddenly, instead of being closed to all but what is necessary, we find ourselves open to the world of what is possible. When we are "open for business," we not only see more, we accomplish more. And perhaps, most important, we dream more. For, you see, closing out all but the most necessary may help us survive the day, or the week, or the year, but opening up to the possible helps us with the kind of survival that moves us forward, past that day, past that week, past that year.

Today, I had the opportunity to be a little more open--to going, to doing, to engaging. And being "open for business," even just for a day, has made a world of difference.

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