Sunday, May 1, 2016

Standing Room Only

We stand for most of our several hour train trip. It is clearly not what we planned. But when you are choosing between not going and standing the whole way, you happily stand.

We eat early and quickly to make a curtain or a game or a conference. It is perhaps not how we wanted to enjoy our food. But when you are choosing between chowing down and experiencing the whole special event, you happily back-burner the meal.

We sit in the last row of the highest section. It may not be luxurious, and it might even be a little dizzying. But when you are choosing between seeing the show live and just watching a movie from the comfort of your own couch, you climb the steps, you pull in your legs, you learn how to see great sights from a little higher up.

We sit on stools and desk chairs and piano benches. It may not be the fanciest dinner party on our social calendar. But when you are choosing between matched chairs and plates by yourself and sharing time and laughter with family, you find out that how you sit doesn't much matter.

We never imagined standing for a whole train ride. But sometimes, when life is standing room only, it's well worth it to stay on your toes.

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