Sunday, May 29, 2016

Nowhere To Go

Wait--what? I don't have to go anywhere? Not to work? Not out of town? Not to any kid-related activity?

There was a time--actually, there have been many--when I would have given anything for somewhere to go. There were the months out of work, when I had no job to go to and too much fear of spending money just to go out and wander. There were the days with small children, when I simply craved a change of scenery. But today, once I get past the bewilderment, I embrace the idea. Today, nowhere to go is like a moment of freedom in a long stretch of responsibility. Today, nowhere to go means I can make my own pace, make my own choices, make my own day.

Nowhere to go won't last, and honestly, I probably wouldn't like it if it did. But for this moment, on this day, it is a gift I will keep opening. Because, hey, I've got time. There's nowhere to go.

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