Wednesday, May 4, 2016

You Can Lead A Freelancer To A Blanket...

After a few days of real, in my bed, during the night, sleep, I am readying to return to the overnight. At the rate I'm going, I will be up twenty-eight hours straight. There must be sleep. There must be some way to break that twenty-eight hours in half, at least, so that my body believes I can really make it through till tomorrow. But how do you make your body sleep when you have essentially just woken up from what was a reasonable, if not perfect, sleep, and when you have all sorts of things that could be accomplished in the time span of a nap?

I surround myself in the blanket, hopeful that with enough external cues, I can make my body believe it needs sleep. I am succeeding, I think, until my phone throws in some external cues of its own--having to do with anything but sleep. A text comes, and then a phone call, and before I know it, I am checking emails to make sure I've missed nothing. The blanket moment and the sleep opportunity are gone, and the breakup of the twenty-eight hours is barely long enough to be called a break. I am off and running again, hoping against hope that if I keep running, I can survive twenty-eight hours and recover later. The blanket will still be there. You can certainly lead me to it. But the question remains--can you make me sleep?

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