Saturday, May 21, 2016


There are days when sleeping through the morning after working all night leaves me less than well-rested and with a head full of fuzz. Just because you can add up all the hours to a "normal" total doesn't mean they actually provide you with the same amount of rejuvenation. So, some days, I sleep through the afternoon, I crash after dinner, I doze each time I sit. And then, quite often, I beat myself up for the moments missed, the hours gone by, the tasks I've let slide.

But then, I remind myself that in a life when we are asked to look out for everyone and everything, sometimes all we can really do to keep doing that is spend a few minutes, a few hours, a whole morning or afternoon on preserving ourselves. I may miss some of the moments, but when the day is done (what time is that, exactly?), I am still standing. I may sometimes let things slide, but when the day is done (I'm really not sure when that is), enough gets done. I may sometimes have fuzz in my head that won't go away, but when the day is done (or is it just starting?), I somehow manage to see through the fuzz.

And I guess that's kind of what self-preservation is all about--taking the moments when you need them--stepping away, or sleeping through, or just being able to say "I need." And when the day is done, whatever time that is, you'll be preserved enough to look out for yourself. And everyone and everything else too.

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