Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Different Times For Different Times

We rarely made soap episodes for national holidays. After all, how many viewers would be watching their "stories" when a barbecue or a turkey dinner or a suntan or a swimming pool was close by? And so it was that back then, holiday weekends were just that--holidays--long weekends away from production and full of rest and escape, and sometimes, barbecues and swimming pools.

The news, however, doesn't stop for holiday weekends. Whether viewers are out by the pool or on the road out of town, whether they're tuned in or tuned out, the news is on and updating, ready to report change every day.

And so it was that I was tied to home this weekend. In soap days, we would all have been off. In these news times, I am always partly at work. Different times require, well, different times.

And maybe that is actually the key to survival--understanding that we can't apply old rules to new times. Even if we are the same, the times in which we function change. So, we can bristle at the changes to our routines. Or we can roll with the new times, and find new ways.

This different time allowed me to see quieter streets and feel a different pace. It allowed all of us to view the world a little differently and feel a little more powerful. None of which is a bad thing, when you're finding different times for different times...

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