Monday, May 16, 2016

Writing The Wrongs...And The Rights

There are times when I wonder if I'm not just glorifying the good old soap days and underplaying the days since. I could argue that my life--financially, structurally, emotionally--would be better, had the NY soaps not evaporated. But would I be right?

There is no question that I met many of my most cherished colleagues in soaps. There is no question that soaps gave me a degree of financial security that barely exists in television production these days. And there is no question that I experienced some of my greatest creative challenges on soap sets, in soap control rooms, and in front of soap editing consoles.

When I make a true accounting, however, I can't deny that I have since spent time with my children that soap hours would never have allowed. I can't deny that I have become a little scrappier and a little more willing to go out on a limb. I can't deny that I have had adventures only possible because I couldn't stay on a soap set.

So, while this blog celebrates the rich soap tradition that carried me so far, it also has to celebrate that which comes after--perhaps a little less secure, a little more off-balance, along a much more crooked path. Because when you make an accounting, it's not enough to write what's wrong. You have to write what's right as well.

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