Sunday, December 13, 2015

Getting In, Part Six: People Who Need People

It is one in a series of college auditions, filled with all the excitement and apprehension created by the combination of two high-stakes endeavors--auditioning for anything, and applying to college. I am simply the driver, the sometimes dresser, and the listener, yet, the excitement and anticipation can't help but get to me a little (okay, a lot) too.

But as the day goes on, we encounter all sorts of people, genuinely friendly, who make the agitated waiting time pass, who answer questions big and small, who allow us to shed just a bit of the anticipation without losing any of the excitement. It is still a college audition, with risks and stakes and unknowns, but it has become an informative and enjoyable day as well.

I can't help but think back to how excited I was when I began working at One Life to Live. Certainly, there was glamour built into a network show in an established television studio in the heart of New York City. But over the years, I discovered that much of my joy in working there came not from the glamour of the network and the studio and the city, but from my time spent with the dedicated, creative people who surrounded me, and from the hard work and the laughter that we shared.

As we were reminded a little today, a place is about more than just its location and its walls and its reputation. In college, as in life, a place is largely defined by its people. And while the people may not be able to make the stress of the process disappear, and they won't guarantee whether the process ultimately works in your favor, they can go a long way toward making the steps of "getting in" at least a little more fun.

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