Monday, December 14, 2015

Where Are We Now?

I had occasion today to speak to a former soap colleague. Such an occasion doesn't happen nearly as often as I might like, and it is always a treat for me to get caught up on "where are we--and others--now?" and to reminisce about the old days. As we spoke, there were moments when it seemed that the years melted away. I found myself feeling right back in that control room front row, in a studio blocking scenes and giving notes. And there were moments when I realized just how long it's been, and how much has happened to us all in that time. Life has changed, dramatically, not just for him and for me, but for hundreds of people with whom we worked in an industry that used to employ so many. And while some of the life changes are ones that have perhaps offered new challenges and new satisfactions, it is still hard not to wonder "What if?"

But I guess that's part of what life's all about--taking what comes, and every so often, wondering "What if?" Appreciating new opportunities and possibilities, but every so often, pondering what might have been. Meeting new people and facing new situations, but every so often, experiencing the joy of reminiscing with old friends about the old situations.

I move ahead, as I keep doing every day. But it's nice, at least once in a while, to take a look back, so that maybe we can see, a little more clearly, where we are now.

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