Saturday, December 12, 2015

Steps Forward, Steps Back

It has been a barreling ahead kind of week--many things accomplished, many things celebrated. And yet, as I end it, I am frustrated by what is still undone, what is not as it should be. Turns out that sometimes, a few steps forward require a few steps back.

It is frustrating. Why can't it be that forward motion can just be forward motion? Why does "full speed ahead" have to come with "wait, come back?"

And so, I "end" my week (for, these days, for me, "end" is a relative term) satisfied, yet not, accomplished, yet not, at peace, yet not. We spend a great many hours and days of our lives trying to step forward--whether personally, or professionally. We are conditioned to believe that forward is the way to go. But what I am discovering is that steps forward can't always come on their own. They take a little recognition of where we've been, and a lot of patience with the process of getting where we're going. And sometimes that means accepting a step back. Until our feet, and the rest of us, are a little more ready for the road ahead.

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