Monday, December 21, 2015

Is Timing Everything?

Those of you who read regularly (and I thank you for that!) may have noticed that over the past few weeks, my posting times have varied widely, from the dead of night to the middle of the afternoon. The truth is, now that I am working hours all over the clock, the posting times simply mirror the times in my life as a whole. And, as they say, times change. When I first began, I was often writing during what seemed like an abyss of hours during days of no work or while waiting for a school bus that I, now home after years of being at work at school bus time, went to meet each day. When I got a gig, I might write on the way home from it (and when I worked at "soap camp" in Connecticut, "on the way home" was ample time). And when the gig was a later starting one, my post might happen in the morning. The point is, the timing of my posts over three-plus years has been determined largely by the timing of my life. And many days, the content of the posts has been determined by their timing. After all, our view of an event is different if we write about it the next morning rather than right after it. Our outlook on life can be vastly different from one moment to the next, and even more so when you factor in sleep (or lack of it) and distance.

So, as I work my way through the many, many new stages of my life and work, I am fascinated by how they manifest in print. My life view can't help but be all over the place, because my life is all over the place (or at least all over the clock) as well. Time just keeps going, and I suppose we just keep going with it.

Timing may not be everything. But it certainly is something.

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