Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I Couldn't...But I Could

I couldn't make it to a dinner with old friends, but I could be there for my kids when I needed to be.

I couldn't run all my errands, because I overslept, but I could make sure I didn't leave anyone in the lurch.

I couldn't answer all the questions, but I could answer some, and try really hard on the others.

I couldn't help make treats for a holiday party announced at the last minute, but I could brainstorm about where to buy something almost as good (or maybe better).

I couldn't approve outfits or pack lunches every morning, but I could teach my kids to plan ahead and think independently.

I couldn't guarantee getting my kids into college, but I could be by their sides, literally or figuratively, every step of the application way.

I couldn't make everyone happy every minute of every day, but I could make some people happy some of the time.

As we travel our path through life, there will always, I suppose, be "I couldn'ts ." The trick is making sure there are a lot of "I could's" along the way...

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