Tuesday, December 22, 2015

In Peace

I learned today of the passing of Patricia Elliott, known to much of the world as a Tony Award-winning actress, but known to me for over twenty years as the actress playing Renee Divine Buchanan, wife of the formidable Asa Buchanan, on One Life to Live. As I read countless social media posts, both from complete strangers, and from members of my One Life to Live family, I couldn't help but be sad and happy all at the same time. It is sad, of course, when someone you know passes, perhaps even sadder when it is a person like Patricia. For years, she contributed her acting talent to One Life to Live. But what she also contributed was her funny and generous demeanor, her graceful patience when working with all kinds of actors, and a style that was all her own. She was a much-loved member of a family I was lucky and proud to be a part of.

And I guess maybe that is why there is a lot of happy mixed in with the sad for me today. Reading the posts, from near and far, from One Lifers from the last few years and from way back, has reminded me of what wonderful connections we all formed. Thinking back to working with Patricia has reminded me how we, who some days might have been described as a ragtag bunch, came together to produce all sorts of TV for so many years. Thinking back has reminded me of scenes stretching and lights humming, of countdowns and wardrobe mishaps and clips for blooper reels, and of a group of people with whom I shared a lot of laughter.

I would like to think Patricia is at peace. Maybe she's acting a few scenes with some of the other Lifers who have passed on, some not so long ago. It is sad to say goodbye to family, even family you haven't seen in a long time. But it is a happy thing to be reminded how lucky you are to have had family--by blood, or by connection, or simply from years spent together.

Rest in peace, Patricia, and my other One Life family members...

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