Friday, December 18, 2015


When I have been working, have I squandered opportunities to get ahead because I was worrying about getting behind?

When I haven't been working, have I squandered my free hours worrying about when I'd work again?

When my kids were younger, did I squander the playing hours wondering when I could be finished playing make-believe?

As my kids are getting older, have I squandered the real-life conversations with them wishing we could just be playing make-believe?

When I have had engaging work, have I squandered the time focusing too much on today and not enough on the days after today?

When I have had the chance to listen, to understand, to be there--truly there--have I squandered the chance thinking about being somewhere else?

The days pass quickly, and before I know it, things have changed. Or they haven't. And those moments in which we could have made a difference are gone, squandered, perhaps, almost before we realize we have had them. As I head into a new year, I hope for far less squandering, and much more discovering. Because there are only so many minutes, so many days. So we may as well not squander any of them...

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