Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Path Not Often Taken

I left work after twelve hours, heading home, uncharacteristically, by way of one of the more traveled areas of the city. Turns out "more traveled" is an understatement at 4:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday a few weeks before Christmas. So, on my journey home, I shared crowded sidewalks with families just having seen a Broadway show with their dressed up children, shoppers carrying all manner of bags from toy stores, clothing stores, and everything in between, and people taking pictures (with and without selfie sticks) of themselves against a background of every famous building and billboard.

It is easy, as I make my way through my everyday life of work and errands and kids, to forget that I live in a city where so much is going on. It is very easy to get caught up with the everyday (which tends to require a lot of energy on its own!) and forget about the wacky, unique things going on just a few blocks away.

Today's trip home took a little longer. I had to move a little slower to maneuver through the crowds and walk at a picture-taking tourist pace rather than a "get-there now" local pace. But my slower journey reminded me that there's more out there than just to and from. More out there than just hourly schedules and daily responsibilities. So perhaps the trip was more than worth the extra time.

Sometimes you have to step off your normal path to be reminded of where it's possible to go...

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