Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Stronger Than You Think

There are days when I ask for help to open a jelly jar, but hand me a plunger, and I am a superwoman.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Plunging a toilet takes far more energy than twisting a jar lid (not to mention, the jar lid is far more fun). So, why is it that one works better than the other?

When I open a jar, I want what's inside. My toast or cracker or recipe depends on that ingredient, so getting the jar open is important. When, however, I am called upon (thankfully, not that often) to plunge a toilet, the very forces of nature (okay, well, of mechanics or plumbing, or something) are rising to meet me. If I don't succeed, a flood, or, at the very least, a mess, will result. Somehow, a dry, jelly-less piece of toast doesn't sound too dire in comparison. And so, with the plunger in hand, I cannot risk, or accept, defeat.

Clearly, we are capable of much more than we think, when we are faced with a need or a crisis. "I can't" turns into "I'll try." Fear and uncertainty turn into attempt and success. It doesn't mean we can always do everything on our own. But when we stand up to situations, we are sometimes more powerful than we realize. Perhaps it's a question of summoning the superhero within us. Or perhaps it is simply refusal to let those forces of nature (or mechanics or plumbing) defeat us. Either way, plunger in hand or not, the strength is there. We just have to make sure to use it.

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