Saturday, December 26, 2015


It is the holiday season, and who isn't surrounded by baked goods of all kinds? Even on my overnight shift, we had treats ranging from brownies to dumplings. So, what, then, is so earth-shattering, even blog-worthy at all, about pastry?

This particular pastry, you see, defined the holiday season at One Life to Live for my last about ten years there. Like the Christmas Reel, and the Directors' Lunch, and the show-themed gifts we ADs spearheaded, "the pastry," the creation of a beloved audio engineer, which appeared all over the studio, made you know it was really the holidays.

Yesterday, a box of pastry appeared in my mailbox. It is not the first time. I have been lucky enough to be a pastry recipient for a number of years. It is a tasty treat, to be sure, but the appearance of the pastry was about more than just a sweet tooth. The box, and its return address and the card inside, brought me back to One Life to Live holidays. It refreshed memories and made me think of friends. And it reminded me that things that are gone don't always have to be completely gone.

The pastry will, no doubt, be a yummy snack to share with my family. But it has already done so much more. It has reconnected me with one friend, and reminded me to reconnect with others. And I am grateful...

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