Friday, December 25, 2015

It's Christmastime In The City

It is a day bookended by work. News, you see, is an every day of the year endeavor, and so my part takes me to work on the last days of holiday shopping. It takes me to work in between the baking and the packing and the enjoying a little school break. And it places me in the city, at least a little, for a glimpse of the lights and the shopping bags and the festivities. And as I look around, I can't help but be grateful--

Grateful that I have enough time to look around me.

Grateful that this year, unlike some of the past few, I may not feel rich, but I feel stable.

Grateful to have seen the Peanuts windows at Macy's, not just from a distance, but close up.

Grateful to have had enough time to shop, but not enough time to over-shop.

Grateful to have reconnected, in person, or by text or email, to people from so many parts of my life.

Grateful to have the time for some time, and to have people I want to spend time with.

Grateful that there are neighbors to feed a fish who can't travel and doormen who will wave goodbye when we leave and welcome us home when we return.

Grateful that even if I don't celebrate Christmas, I have had a bit of Christmastime in the city.

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