Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mistakes In The Rain

We took a cab for a trip usually done on foot or by bus. It was raining, and we were tired, so it seemed like the best idea. Until I realized that it's harder to get a cab in the rain. Until I realized that it's harder for a cab to get anywhere in the rain.

Before I knew it, our short cab ride, from which we jumped out before our destination, had turned into an expensive (well, at least for ten blocks) trip, during most of which I groaned and fidgeted and drove my kids crazy.

As we got out, walking the last few blocks in the rain, my kids were quick to say, "It's okay. It happens," to which my (silent) reaction in the moment was "Would you think it was okay if it were your money?" But as I calmed down a bit in the rainy fresh air, I realized that perhaps they were right. Things do happen, and not always the way we'd like them to. Money has to be spent, not always in the way we'd choose. Time has to be squandered, not always in the ways that make us feel satisfied. Things don't always turn out the way we'd like. And we survive. We get a little wet, when we thought we'd be dry. We take a little longer, when we thought things would be quick. We spend hard-earned funds on things other than must-pay bills and ice cream sundaes. And we move on.

I made a mistake (or at least it felt that way), and then we moved on. Next time, maybe I'll choose differently--or not. And either way, then, as now, I guess we'll just move on...

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